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what we do

Crisis Communications

When the heat rises, we cool down. Our approach is a steady hand, and solutions emerge to become reality. Whether you need a rapid response or a long-term answer, we get through it together – identifying actions that can protect and strengthen your brand and reputation.

Media Relations & Content Creation

We organize your content, and themes emerge. Narratives develop through success stories that we share via the media, public-speaking events, website or social media. Our training sessions will position you as the authority on what you do – because that's who you are. 

Internal Communications

If the audience is within the walls of your operation, we identify what you want to say and how you want your colleagues to feel. For change-management or a topic that provokes emotional response, we will strike the right tone and get buy-in. And if conflict arises, persuasive positions will come into focus.

who we are

Our City, Our Future

If our ideals align, let's make them reality. We connect businesses and nonprofits to their audience through message development, issue advocacy, stakeholder engagement and speech support. Build the community partnerships you seek to help others. When we help you help somebody, we're all happy.

Real News, Real Experience

Twenty-plus years of working in media and government – as an observer and participant – provides perspective and insight you can use.

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